Yoga Goals

"When people ask me what equipment I use -- I tell them my eyes."

Mamisi is a  (RYT) 200 hour registered yoga instructor in both Hatha and Egyptian Yoga.  Mamisi's goal is to reach persons that do not normally have access to practice yoga such as ; Low- SES Communities, at risk youth, urban and rural communities, school children grades K-12, persons that suffer from addiction and or mental Illness, and all minority groups that have a high suicide rate such as LGBTQIA. 

Additionally, Mamisi's would like to teach first responders and persons work at high-stress jobs yoga and breathing exercises.  Such as, first responders, doctors, nurses, military personnel, firefighters, police officers and customer service representatives.    

Mamisi student of Psychology and Yoga, her interests are to incorporate both cognitive and physical benefits when practicing Yoga.  Throughout her journey she constantly seeks to answer the questions below. 
  • How does Yoga heal the body ?
  • How does Yoga affect the brain?​
  • How does Yoga breathing techniques help with Anxiety, PTSD, Depression, and Anger Management?

​According to a Harvard University article, yoga is able to regulate a person’s stress response system:
  • Yoga lowers blood pressure, heart rate and improves respiration.​
  • Yoga helps with anxiety and depression.
  • Yoga boosts memory and improves concentration.
  • Yoga reduces the effects of traumatic experiences (PTSD) 
  • ​Yoga prevents the onset of mental health conditions, which are prevalent during adolescence. 

Overall, as a student of yoga Mamisi plans to incorporate all aspects of how yoga heals from self practice to medicinal benefits, holistic benefits, breathing techniques, mindfulness meditation, good old fashion science and research articles.