"When people ask me what equipment I use -- I tell them my eyes."



Mamisi's passion for documenting the world around her started when 12 years-old.  She kept shooting and shooting until she developed and critiqued her own personal style of storytelling through photography. Mamisi‚Äôs ability to capture unique moments, coupled with a refined sense of composition have earned her a reputation as a sought-after artist whose images delights clients of all types of cultures and genres.

As a freelance photographer, her process is slightly unconventional. By acting exercises and exchanging stories with her subjects, her photography sessions are more like open conversations than staged moments. Connecting with the client is her main focus which conveys through the lens.

Mamisi's award-winning amateur photography is featured in the Houston Public Library;The Reflections of Study Abroad contest 2012. Photo credits: AFARNEWS.com and Houston Press.